Tools for better living

Gung Ho makes apps that apply proven business strategies to personal well-being.

Small Business Optimization - Yaldi

Why should large companies be the only ones with access to the tools necessary to track, manage, and improve business performance? Yaldi enables small businesses to set and track key performance indicators (KPIs) the same way Fortune 500 companies do. (Launching Fall 2015)

Task Management - Completo

Despite all the task-management tools out there, every CEO in the world seems to have their own process. We’ve based Completo on the best of them, integrating best practices from the business realm with cutting edge neuroscience research in a tool that doesn’t just keep you organized, it makes you more productive. (Launching December 2015).

Happiness - Gung Ho

Gung Ho applies the concept of “continuous improvement” — used for decades by companies like Toyota, GE and Siemens — to your personal well-being. (Currently in beta, the app will launch Spring 2016).

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